The Mission Behind ESC

The Brand, The Event • August 27, 2023

Cue the Gwen Stefani, please! Yes, yes, yes, welcome to your Sweet Escape! ESC Conference was created with the intent to fill a void in entrepreneurial education, the void where we want to grow and also have fun!

It was born amidst a text conversation between two friends desperately searching for a conference that would foster their drive to grow their businesses with non-fluffy education (see what ESC is not here) while still being able to have a good time and just escape from the day-to-day grind of being a business owner. I would love to share with you the mission and values of ESC, and tell you how those things have shaped the conference throughout the creation process.


We provide impactful education that fuels the entrepreneurial drive and events that reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit.

Kassie and I have developed our personal and business relationships during a season in life where we are constantly encouraged to balance everything. Well, we are thoroughly convinced that balance is next to impossible in this chaotic season. So instead of balancing, we focus. And ESC Conference will allow all of its attendees to focus on their businesses and themselves in a way that is not often afforded in the everyday setting of…well…life.



We are committed to serving entrepreneurs in a way that benefits their business. Whether that’s through education, camaraderie, or solidarity, we are here to serve.

Service comes in all shapes and forms, but we have made definitive decisions about the conference and its layout that come back down to service. One of those decisions was the size of the inaugural conference. At one point, we were aiming to host 100 attendees at ESC; however, we decided that we wouldn’t be able to do it and do it right to truly impact (see value 3!) our attendees. So instead, for the first round of ESC, we decided to host 20 attendees to ensure we are able to focus on each individual’s business.


We respect each aspect of the entrepreneur’s identity, both inside and outside of business. We recognize that true growth, in personal and professional life, comes when boundaries, family, and time are respected.

Back to that elusive idea of balance…instead of balancing everything, we want to instead respect each part of the entrepreneur’s identity. We put a heavy focus on the educational portion of ESC, but we put an equal focus on the social aspects of ESC.


Despite whether it’s the entrepreneurs we work with directly or the small businesses in the towns/cities where we host events, we want to leave a positive and lasting effect on every entrepreneur we meet.

Ali here–and I love nothing more than an executable checklist. Each speaker that is coming to ESC is one that can give actionable steps to growing and/or streamlining your business. We made sure that we make it possible for each individual attendee to leave with a personalized list of what they need to do in their business. Additionally, we plan on incorporating local businesses into our vendor market to showcase and connect with other business owners in the local area where the event is being hosted.

If this type of event sounds like it’s something you need in your life, we would love to have you at the inaugural ESC Conference in Louisville, Kentucky April 15-18, 2024! If you’re interested in purchasing a ticket, you may do so here. We can’t wait to meet you and learn more about your business!!