What ESC is NOT: Hold the Fluff

The Brand, The Event • August 27, 2023

So we’ve told you what we are…but let us tell you what we are not, justttt in case you were wondering/worried. (Enjoy this short introduction because we are straight to the point.)


At the inception of this conference, one thing we swore we’d never be…was fluffy. In fact, at one point we played around with the idea of being super ironic and only have cloud-themed decor. I kid you not. There were a lot of late-night planning sessions for this conference and sometimes it got a little loopy…but never fluffy.

Now what do we mean by fluffy? We mean we aren’t going to promise you the world then give you a continent. We will be delivering tangible, actionable education. Education that you can consume here then head straight home and put it to work. No one has time for head-in-the-clouds, inefficient nonsense.


We live in the age of the deep dive. Want to know someone’s life story? Scroll to 2016 on Instagram and put the pieces of their life together. Google them. Spend the 30 minutes it takes to get to know someone you will never meet in real life.

We deep dive on meaningless stuff all the time. So why is so much business education surface-level!? It makes no sense and ESC will not stand for it. If you want to be comfortable and stay superficial, this conference (and community) is not for you.


Which came first–the mindset or the data? It’s easy for entrepreneurs sitting at a steady 7 figures to say their mindset got them there. But if you’re asking us? The data got them there and the mindset followed.

Are we saying having a positive outlook isn’t important? Of course not. But it’s not the only important thing. And when you’re in your *growth era* you’re hustling. You’re probably spread thin. And if you have to choose between a feel-good mindset session or a “how the hell am I going to retire from this?” session…you’re probably going to choose the latter. And that’s what we’re here for.


Look, we are all burnt out. If we aren’t burnt out right now, we certainly have been in the past. We are of the mindset (see what I did there?) that it’s unavoidable as an entrepreneur, so instead of avoiding it–let’s learn from it.

If you’re burnt out, let’s light the whole thing on fire and rebuild your systems. Let’s light the whole thing on fire and create a new service offering that’s more manageable. Let’s light the whole thing on fire and make your prices more sustainable.

In our minds, the fluffy, feel-good education is a lot like Chinese food. It tastes really great and hits the spot…till you leave the restaurant and you’re still hungry. ESC is not Chinese food. We are the hearty Italian grandmother that wants you to be in the kitchen while she’s making the recipe, so you learn it and can do it on your own forever.

If you want to be our Italian granddaughter (is this getting too weird?), come join us at the inaugural ESC Conference in Louisville, KY, April 15-18, 2024. Can’t wait to see you there!