Ali and Kassie are a dynamic duo with a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship and creative leadership. Ali, a seasoned small business owner, is devoted to empowering entrepreneurs through strategic brand development and cohesive online presence. Her tailored approach stems from personal connections with clients, ensuring their success.

Complementing Ali's expertise, Kassie boasts over a decade of professional management, in addition to brand photography and business development experience. Her prowess in crafting business growth strategies is coupled with a talent for capturing evocative visuals that narrate compelling stories.

Both passionate mentors and creative strategists, Ali and Kassie collaborate seamlessly to craft memorable and impactful experiences for their clients.

We are Kassie & Ali.

Nice to meet you!



but who are we personally?

the founder story

The inception of the ESC Conference arose from our very own struggles—a void in the market for growing creative entrepreneurs looking for heavy hitting, impactful education that didn't require a million decisions to get from Point A to Point B. Our journey began over a text thread filled with pure frustration due to the struggle. Then, by the end of that vent sesh, we were well on our way to planning what would become the very first ESC conference. With a shared vision to address this unmet need and foster an ecosystem that empowers individuals striving to excel in the realm of entrepreneurship, we are two peas in a pod.

At the heart of our endeavor lies our compelling mission statement: "We provide impactful education that fuels the entrepreneurial drive and events that reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit."

This mission encapsulates our commitment to equipping entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration they need to navigate their business journeys successfully. We recognized that while education is pivotal, there was a lack of events that fostered a vibrant community and rekindled the entrepreneurial fire within.

so we are filling it.

We saw a gap in the conference market

The name ESC was chosen as a nod to the keyboard's professional connotation while symbolizing an escape from business challenges.

It represents a key that not only brings a sense of professionalism, but also signifies the act of breaking free from constraints.

Just as the ESC key on a keyboard offers a way out, our conference offers entrepreneurs a path to break free from limitations and forge ahead toward real progress in their ventures.

With ESC, we invite you to unlock new possibilities and embark on a transformative journey of entrepreneurship.

Why "ESC"

We have five kids between the two of us, but neither of us has ever pushed.
We are reverse Enneagrams. Ali is a 3w2 and Kassie is a 2w3.
We lived in the same place for 3 years and then both moved to a new city where we met for the first time.

Fun Facts

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