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The Mastermind Mixer podcast is a platform where business professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry experts come together for engaging and thought-provoking conversations. Each episode is a lively blend of insights, experiences, and valuable advice shared through fun and easygoing banter.

Hosted by our girl, Kassie, she works hard to create an inviting and collaborative environment, inviting pros and peers to share their unique business journeys, tips of the trade, and entrepreneurial wisdom. With a shot of business expertise and a splash of pleasure, The Mastermind Mixer is your weekly rendezvous for inspiration, knowledge, and networking in the entrepreneurial world.


Favorite Sites

The leading email marketing platform for creative entrepreneurs, allowing maximum customization to fit your brand and serve your clients.


The most robust CRM out there for creative entrepreneurs that allows business owners to curate a unique client experience through every touch point.


An incredibly useful e-commerce platform (that some of our speakers have a ton of experience with!) for all you makers out there!


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ICYMI, Kassie is a workflow warrior. A client experience connoisseur, if you will. She's so good at it, in fact, that she has an Etsy shop with Dubsado workflows for purchase.

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Ali's Amazon storefront has a little bit of everything, but her bread and butter really rests in the nerdiness of business books. So check that list out for some pure educational business gold.

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