3 Ways to Strategize to Scale in 2024

Business, The Brand, The Event • December 19, 2023
What do you want 2024 to hold?

2024 is going to be EPIC!!! And we want to have a front row seat to watch you achieve your business’s dreams. 🧡 🩷 Here are a few specific strategies to use in order to do just that:

Set clear goals.

This sounds a little vague, but hear me out. Pretend your business is a road trip. How do you get to your final destination without stopping for gas and making sure you’re on the right path? Answer: you don’t. You stall out without checkpoints along the way.

But sometimes when you sit down at a blank screen and big ideas, it’s challenging to determine what those checkpoints should be.

Ali is the queen at making goals then breaking them down into manageable pieces to achieve. She even wrote an entire blog post on exactly how to do that on her own blog. You can find that blog post here.

It includes figuring out what worked last year and what didn’t. It includes knowing your numbers, which, for many of us creative entrepreneurs, is a really daunting thing (we just want to do and make, not crunch numbers!). Don’t worry–you’re not alone in that. But if we wanna be business owners, numbers are things we need. It also includes resources to use in order to distill your goals down to those that will really move the needle forward in your business.

Take a look at your team.

If you are a solopreneur and are bursting at the seams with no further bandwidth, we need to figure out what hiring looks like for you. We need to determine if this means hiring a contractor or an employee, what implications that has for taxes, etc.

Often times, that first hire is the most challenging because up until this point you are the only one that knows the ins and outs of your business and you have to find a way to voice that out loud rather than it just living in your head. This often means getting technical and writing things down, creating standard operating procedures, etc…and that can be challenging!

Also, it’s hard to acknowledge that you can be the bottle neck in your business growth. The realization often comes with the growing pains of your first hire. Let’s push past that discomfort and get you growin’.

Attend ESC Conference to learn from the best in the business!

Look, we aren’t going to pass up an opportunity to shout the amazing ESC Conference from the rooftops! This conference is specifically geared towards entrepreneurs in the growth stage.

We are focusing on these hard-hitting topics like taxes and utilizing AI and growing a consistent brand and making workflows…all these things to make your life easier and your business more lean. These may not be the sexiest topics, but they’re the ones you need in order to grow your business!

We know the pain points of scaling because we are there. We are you.

So put ESC Conference on your list of ways to grow your business in 2024 and come join us in Louisville in April!