2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Small Business Owners

The Brand • November 6, 2023

First, let me preface this blog post with this:
The best way you can give to a small business owner this holiday season is by purchasing their service or product.

However, if you are looking for a tangible gift for a friend or family member who is a small business owner, then this Holiday Gift Guide is for you!

Find the category (or categories) that your favorite entrepreneurs fit into, and access the direct link to the product or service.

Please note: Some links are affiliate links. Each affiliate link will be specifically noted.

Okay, now without further ado…

For the Product-Based Business Owner

Katie from Proof to Product offers this incredible membership that is created specifically for product-based business owners. Inside of LABS, your favorite entrepreneur will “participate in live trainings, community events and coaching opportunities.”

This is a monthly membership that runs at $99/month and you can opt out at any time.

For the Creative Business Owner

Even the creatives get writer’s block. Or more aptly in the current era of social media–content creation block!

While creative entrepreneurs often start their businesses to create, they often do not anticipate how much it takes to consistently create content to continuously bring in leads to their business.

This is why a Plus subscription to ChatGPT is an incredible resource to bounce ideas from.

Look, they don’t need yet another blank notebook that just stares back at them. They need some AI in their life to bring about their next big idea or marketing campaign!

For the New Business Owner

This may not be the fun-to-unwrap and ohhh and ahhh over type of gift, but trust me, it is so helpful in those early-stage days.

Consider buying a yearlong subscription to a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) for them if they don’t already have one already.

Personally, I use a system called 17Hats. It’s great because I can house contracts, invoices, questionnaires, and emails all in one place. It also has scheduling capabilities and bookkeeping capabilities! Affiliate Alert: Use this link for a 50% discount on the first year of 17Hats!

My co-founder, Kassie, uses Dubsado and while I have never used it, she swears by it! It is much more aesthetically pleasing, truth be told. Either of these are great options to help your favorite new entrepreneur automate their workflows! Affiliate Alert: Use code KASSIELAYNE for 20% off the first month or year of Dubsado.

For the Service-Based Business Owner

Service-based entrepreneurs are often conducting consultation and/or inquiry calls. As we move toward an even more digital work landscape, these calls often take place over Zoom.

In order to maintain a professional and brand-consistent backdrop on all of their calls, they could use a custom backdrop for all of their calls!

Added bonus–you’ll be supporting another small business with this purchase!

For the Business Owner Who is a Social Media Marketing Queen

You know the type…the one who is always “just hopping on here to say Happy Monday.” This entrepreneur can sell ice to an Eskimo using social media. She is ever-present on Instagram stories, always creating content on social media, recording reels, and has the most breathtakingly consistent feed. and always accessible. For her home office or for traveling to the studio, a ring light is necessary!

Coming from someone who often records in a dungeon of an office, this can increase the aesthetic of even the gloomiest of recording places.

For the Established Business Owner

If your favorite entrepreneur is pretty well established, consider investing in a yearlong subscription to LinkedIn Premium. This can help them connect with more business owners to possibly network with and acquire as clients.

For the Business Owner Making a Pivot

Making a major pivot in service- or product-offering is a huge undertaking. Sometimes it can feel like the entrepreneur is starting from scratch, which is super daunting!

In order to help them keep track of all the moving pieces as they make the transition, consider getting them this goal planner called PowerSheets. This goal planner is great because it takes the big goal and allows the user to break down the goals into manageable milestones throughout the year. It doesn’t hurt that it’s super cute too!

For the Business Owner Who is a Mom

If you’re not buying her a spa day already, then consider buying her this clock.

This clock has been a game changer in our for nonverbal communication and cues. This clock can be set to turn colors at certain times, which provides a visual clue for young children for when they should be playing independently.

For our family specifically, I work early in the mornings, usually from 5am-7:30am. So the clock turns green at 7:30am and my children know that’s when they can come out of their room and it is the end of mommy’s work time. But this can also be used for nap time or midday quiet time!

Affiliate Alert: This link leads to an Amazon storefront, from which I receive a small commission.

For the Business Owner Looking to Scale

Look, obviously a shameless plug for you to contribute to their ESC Conference ticket is appropriate here. If they purchase it, friends and family members are able to contribute to their ticket investment through a direct link! Pretty cool, huh?

Okay, but if you want an alternative–what’s the number one thing entrepreneurs need to scale? Capital. And if you’re entrepreneur is a creator or creative, this paid email subscription compiles Grants for Creators so that they can quickly apply for grants that apply to their area of expertise. This email subscription comes out monthly and is constantly updated.

For the Traveling Business Owner

Chargers are the bane of my existence. You obviously need one for everything–phone, laptop, watch, headphones…everything.

So for the traveling entrepreneur, this charger traveling case is clutch. It keeps everything together in one place that is easy to track and easy to pack.

And I can tell you, again from personal experience, there is nothing more frustrating than getting somewhere and looking forward to having a window of dedicated time to work and … being met with a dead laptop and no charger.

So take this off your favorite entrepreneur’s plate by purchasing a charger traveling case, plus purchase from another small business.

For the Business Owner Who Wants to Start a Podcast

The quintessential pieces of hardware for a podcast host are: a microphone and a computer, possibly headphones.

The Blue Yeti mic is the most commonly used entry podcast microphone.

This is the perfect gift for helping to amplify the voice of your favorite entrepreneur!

For the Aesthetic Business Owner

What in the world do you get for the entrepreneur who always looks 💯?

You buy a color analysis consultation for them from Created Colorful. A color analysis consultation is essentially looking at a person’s natural features and giving them a color palette that will most holistically bring out their natural beauty.

This might sound crazy, but I can attest firsthand that this color analysis brought a new confidence into my life! And the best part? It’s all virtual!

Lindsey, the founder of Created Colorful, and her team not only give suggestions for the colors to wear that will bring out your natural beauty, but they also give insight into hair color, makeup color, nail color, etc. It is incredibly comprehensive.

Affiliate Alert: Use code ALIRAE for $15 OFF a consultation for yourself or a gift consultation!

For the Business Owner Who is a Lifelong Learner

As a previous teacher, I love learning. Like, love love it. Some would even call me a nerd. But ya know what, that’s fine.

So for the lifelong learner entrepreneur in your life, here are a list of books that may be of interest to them:
Entrepreneur Book List

But if I had to pick just one to refer to every single business owner out there, it would be Profit First by Mike Michalowicz.

Affiliate Alert: Both of these links lead to an Amazon storefront, from which I receive a small commission.

For the Digital Business Owner

Digital entrepreneurs are often inside, glued to their computer screens. Give them the gift of some fresh air and a change of scenery with this balcony bar that can fit anywhere! Get them some Vitamin D by getting them outside with their new mobile office!

An extra cherry on top–you’ll be supporting another small business with this purchase!

For the Business Owner Who Loves Organization

I will shout the accolades of the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley from the rooftops forever. This is the planner that I have used for the last seven years! And as long as Emily sells them, I will be buying them.

There are two versions: the daily version and the weekly version. I use the weekly version, and if you’d like to see a little more into my process of how I use this planner, browse through this blog post!

If you’re favorite entrepreneur loves good ole pen-and-paper, then this is the perfect gift for her!

Alright, there ya have it–a gift guide for any type of entrepreneur in your life!

If this was helpful, please consider sending it to a friend! We would love to spread the holiday cheer this season! 🤗